Non-pornographic? Really?? Awwww. But there's like, tits on this blog all the time.

This is legitimately awesome! I think I just found a new screensaver! (My old one was a picture of Kurt Rambis circa 1985)

On an unrelated note, why did you just "out" ROM like that? While it was for a positive reason, it kind of flies in the face of the whole anonymous commenting thing.

Whatever. Cool drawing though.
I didn't out him! He sent me the image and link.
But now I know ROM = Ryan GTG = Ryan Gregory Tiberias Gunderson. Admittedly, a lot of people probably already knew that

Then again: "I don't use my real name, because then I wouldn't even feel comfortable using phrases like, "dick," and "hateful ass"

@Chundo: Glad you like it!
And yeah, the boundaries between my professional life, cartooning life, and commenting life are leaky. But what are you gonna do...
I use my initials with the comics to thinly veil my identity, so that clients or whatever don't immediately see orgasming tip jars when they look me up. But now I'm famous and I can quit my day job!
Everyone already knew who ROM was Chundy! Well...everyone who matters anyway.

I am too kind to insult you Kiala. So, I'll let someone else did it for me: "Isn't Kiala busy (or is that buzebee) being drunk and/or declaring herself queen of everything."…

That about sums it up. (winking smiley emoticon)
Wait a minute, read his last comment carefully, ROM also just outed himself as Leaky!

At this point I'm wondering if he's me, too.
He's like the Christine O'Donnell of blogtown.
Dear, sweet ROM: that is more geniuser than 10,000 geniuses doing some kind of genius thing!

I am ROM!
That is awesome!
Blogtown needs an official cartoonist. Put ROM on the payroll.

PS the paper Merc needs some new local blood in the comics section.

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