You guys have a print version? When did that start?
The first two (maybe three) years of Achewood are untouchable.

I like the comics page, it's the only thing I look at consistently in the print version.
The Dinosaur comic really is the only reason to pick up a print version. Also for cheap present wrapping paper. Nothing beats giving a gift that's covered in escorts.
Dinosaur comics is great for sanitary napkins. Really, how much longer are you going to keep printing that?

There haven't been escorts in the merc for like 2 years.
@miguelaron +1. dino comic = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Looking forward to Bors!
I have always like dinosaur comics.

It would be awesome to have more comics in the print and online versions of the Mercury, fwiw.

A pony for each reader would also be awesome.
I like dinosaur comics too!
No escorts? I clearly don't pick up the Mercury print edition very often.

I enjoy the Dinosaur comic. It's like the family circus of snarky comics.
I miss the perry bible fellowship
I like Dinosaur Comics! Also, dinosaur comics.

That said, printing the same six panels every week seems masochistic. Can't they just print out the dialogue each week and let us put it in the right spots? Also, I want alt text if I'm going to read it offline.
I... guess I just don't understand why the dinosaur comic is an illustrated thing. What if it was just a column in the paper? The images are pretty much the exact same from week to week, and they rarely compliment the content or add to it in any way. The writing definitely has some "deep thoughts" about society and stuff, and so it seems like it would work great as *just* a column!

I feel like I've said this before. Sorry for repeating myself.
I just thought that Fruit Cup does not gift that often.
@Atomic - yeah, that too.

Using Stare Dad as an example (…) - same panels every week, but they are "relevant" to the writing, plus they adapt to the writing at times, and they're funny!

wait, what was my point?
@atomic - yes, in sz. 4 font.
@rosy - or has a bachelor pad with every portland mercury messily laid upon every living room surface ala that guy in willy vlautin's lean on pete book.
Those Stare Dad's are hysterical.
@Rosy, Well spotted, actually. I think I'm known for being a lousy gift giver. I find the whole gift exchanging arrangement awkward. Secret Santa's are okay.

I like that the images in the Dinosaur comic are static. That's one of the things I find most funny about it!

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