:(( I was so hopeful that they were doing well; I saw that they were hiring last year.

Oh, and, having witness a slew of layoffs at comic book companies within the last few months, I do not find it a coincidence that Borders filed bankruptcy and left a lot of bills unpaid, and now a lot of comic book companies are hurting.
Dead media is dying. Sucks for anyone to lose their job, but so did the whalebone corseters and moonshiners. The handwriting has been on the wall since 1994.
Shit. I guess this means they don't want to hire me now.
I love comics. I do not want them to fall by the waistline.

I know that is a malapropism - it's just pacifically one of my favorites.
Definitely sadness, they seemed to be only prospering!
Aside from being local,and aside from being a standard bearer for creator owned comics, and aside from the fact that quality matters to them...aside from all of those things, they're still the best.
YES! I got my name in the Mercury!
I guess that's why comics are movies, not books.

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