Between Bobby's Prometheus/Avengers dweeb spasm and Denis' self-flagellation about which Enterprise is which, Blogtown's been more than nerdy enough today, but wait, because what the fuck is this.

That's the cover for the third issue of the Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover comic, is what that is, and I'd like to point out there is nothing Next Generation about it at all, and also why is one of the lame Doctors on it and not the Doctor I like, and etc. Unlike the vast majority of Doctor Who and Star Trek fans, however, I am not content to simply bitch about things on the internet until I collapse in a sweaty furor and then fall back asleep; instead, because I have work ethic, I have spent the four minutes painstakingly photoshopping an image i believe to be more worthy of the Star Trek: The Next Generation and Doctor Who mashup concept. You are welcome in advance.


I plan on using this image as the cover for my comic book, Amy Pond Is Commander Riker's True Imzadi, by Which I Mean She is the Imzadi of Everyone in the Galaxy, But Most of All the Imzadi of Me, Erik Henriksen, the Author of This Book, Which Will Win Several Awards, which I will apparently be self-publishing because some publishers I could mention don't know a motherfucking goldmine when they see one. Good day.