• From Prophet #1 by Brandon Graham and Simon Roy

As he did in 2011, Floating World Comics proprietor/curator Jason Leivian has compiled his sales numbers for 2012, and—just as in 2011—it's a heartening reminder that hey! Neat! People are still buying good comics! Here are his top-selling books for last year.

1. DIY Magic (Floating World)
2. King City TP (Image)
3. Secret History of DB Cooper #1 (Oni)
4. Adventure Time #5 (Boom)
5. Prophet TP Vol. 1 (Image)
6. Darth Vader and Son (Chronicle)
7. Love Is Not Constantly Wondering if You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life (Perfect Day)
8. Batman Incorporated #1 (DC)
9. Saga #2 (Image)
10. Zinesters Guide to Portland, 5th Ed. (Microcosm)

Here are the Mercury's reviews of Prophet, Love Is Not Constantly..., and Saga. Leivian also notes,

Independent publishing is thriving in Portland, OR. 2012 was the year of Image (Brandon Graham, Saga, Fatale, bunch of other stuff) and 2013 will be too. It’s surprising to say but they’ve basically taken the spot that Vertigo used to fill. Good for them. Marvel and DC books are still pretty popular, but the real bestsellers were Image titles and Adventure Time. Sold more copies of the Prophet trade collection than any of the single issues. Saga and Adventure Time trades also sold fantastic numbers.

There's more at Floating World Comics' site.