From the Dept. of Shameless Self Promotion:

Tonight at the Blue Monk, I'm participating in the 7th installment of the reading series Soft Show, for their "Breakfast for Dinner"-themed edition; I was requested to read some of my more controversial thoughts on breakfast food, which I will do (spoiler, I do not like it).

The show's got a fun hook: Organizers have enlisted local artists to provide live, on-the-spot illustrations for each reader, which will be project during the reading. If you saw Picture This at Bridgetown this year, same idea. I hope someone draws an anthropomorphized penis during my reading.

Picture This at Bridgetown

Readers include Perfect Day Publishing's Michael Heald, comics writer Leia Weathington, and writer Daniel Bullard-Bates; art will be provided by Lucy Bellwood, Pete Soloway, and Emily Randazzo. Fun starts at 7 pm tonight at the Blue Monk, and it's FREE! Maybe I'll see you there.