Okay, here's the background: Sunday morning, 1:15 am, Officers Brent Maxey and Michael Filbert respond to a call from a resident of the apartment building on 81st and Mill Street that says their neighbor was acting strange and had pushed the screen out of the window her second-floor apartment. The woman was 61-year-old Phyllis Ann Lasich and the officers can hear that she is vacuuming inside her apartment.

Officer Filbert knocked on the door and told Lasich that it was the police outside and that they were there to make sure she was ok. After a short conversation through the door, Officer Filbert told Lasich that they brought her window screen up and leaned it against the door. Lasich thanked the officers then the officers heard a loud crashing noise inside the apartment. The door quickly opened and Lasich was holding a large meat cleaver as she yelled, "Die *expletive*," as she slashed the cleaver towards Officer Filbert. Officer Filbert quickly moved back as the cleaver hit him between his radio holder and his left hip, narrowly missing his body.

Officer Filbert continued to back away as he drew his gun while Officer Maxey pointed his tazer at Lasich as both officers gave her commands to drop the knife. Lasich continued to swing the cleaver in wild slashes but got caught up in the window screen that had been set against her door. Lasich was topless and screaming that she was going to kill the officers.

Lasich backed away from the door then laid down on the ground, complying with the officers commands. As the officers took Lasich in to custody, she told them, "Thank God you are here! They've been coming to kill me all day!"

Lasich was not charged with a crime but was transported by ambulance to an area hospital where she was placed on a hold.

Annnnnd scene.