Portland Police report that "nearly a dozen" people were arrested tonight during an anarchist protest against police violence that marched from the South Park Blocks to Pioneer Square. The Oregonian counted the crowd at 40 people, many of them wearing black bloc outfits, with at least 20 police officers responding. The protest asked people to "bring the rage" and stand against corruption "like the heroic people of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Wisconsin, and Seattle."

There were no reports of property damage or injuries occurring during the protest. But, according to the O, when a protester kicked an officer's bike tire, "about 20 officers dropped their bicycles and moved in to tackle a handful of protesters."

KOIN 6 posted this classic photo from the protest of bike cops versus a long-haired dude:

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UPDATE 10:54 PM The list of people arrested is below the cut. Two people were picked up for "offensive littering."

Here's the names and lists of charges for the people arrested last night. Two people are charged with "offensive littering"... I had no idea what that meant, but according to state law, it's a misdemeanor to intentionally create "objectionable stench or degrade the beauty or appearance of property" and to discard "any rubbish, trash, garbage, debris or other refuse" onto a public right of way.

* A 15-year-old girl, charged with: Attempted Assault on a Police Officer; Interfering with a Police Officer, Disorderly Conduct and Harassment
* 22-year-old Michael Hilton, charged with: Offensive Littering
* 31-year-old Dennison Williams, charged with: Assault on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct
* 19-year-old Vincent Porter, charged with: Interfering with a Police Officer
* 24-year-old Bryan Weideman, charged with: Disorderly Conduct
* 26-year-old Nicholas Kelley, charged with: Disorderly Conduct and Attempted Assault on a Police Officer
* 22-year-old John Jerry, charged with: Interfering with a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest
* 18-year-old Steven Brown, charged with: Interfering with a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest
* 19-year-old Paul Rogalsky, charged with: Offensive Littering

The following people were arrested on charges unrelated to the protest:
* 19-year-old Skyler Gibb was arrested on an outstanding warrant
* 24-year-old James Tomlinson was charged with Possession of Controlled Substance
* 26-year-old Laurae Paterni was charged with Possession of Controlled Substance