LOL, we're supposed to believe that the cops 'lost' the footage? How lame is that?
@Randyzpdx - They're saying there never was any footage to begin with. Still seems sketchy - you're right, there.
seems like the defense attorney should have had the hard drive analyzed independently, and not let the cops handle it, whoops!
I have no idea what kind of security system was used there, but I'd like to point out that I have an older security DVR which records directly to a hard drive, but for you geeks out there, it does not have a traditional "filesystem" of any kind, it writes raw sectors directly to the drive, with no (documented) directory structure. You can hook that drive up to any computer with any filsystem analysis tool and find nothing, just raw bytes, and with no useful MPEG or H264 format headers.

You must use the actual original DVR to retrieve data and copy it to old-fashioned video tape or export a file to a USB drive. And even that exported file won't play without proprietary PC software, it's not in any standard format.

We are upgrading our DVR as a recent series of incidents showed us how difficult it was to archive and display the footage, but if that's what happened in the story above, then nobody's going to find any useful data unless the original DVR is used. (And worse, the original DVR might just start happily overwriting old footage as soon as it's booted up.)

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