Rather than continuing to push a losing position (by not reinstating Frashour, which is going to cost the city millions, unit hasn't already) Reese and Adams, if he can be bothered, need to put the focus on rewriting the use of force standards to bring them in line with what they believe those standards should be. You can't try to change the rules after the fact, especially for political ends.
I'm sorry but I find it hilarious that Sam Adams is is protecting Lt. King from "character assassination" by the union when, as a police union rep, this same man ran an editorial in the Oregonian attempting to assassinate my husband's character for calling the police out on racial profiling. Chickens come home to roost, you know.
For all you Portland Police officers who are reading this, I am so sorry that your command staff has failed you. It's true, the use of force policy should be reviewed and officers should be trained to that standard (whatever that may be).

As for Sam Adams, you make me sick and should have been removed and arrested a long time ago. How dare you comment on anything law enforcement when you haven't been trained or spent a day in an officers shoes. I wasn't there but from what I'm reading and seen over the years, damned if he shot and damned if he didn't
This will never stay here after I post it, because, I loathe King and the mayor, for one big reason...that will come out in the state newspapers any day.

COMMUNITY SAFETY....neither one has done all it can do, and again, that will be heard across the state very soon.

Portland citizens: THREE RECALLS...Vera Katz, we tried to recall her for ignoring completely the undisputed danger of the placement of the "criminally insane" in PDX neighborhoods..... While honestly it is a county issue, the cops are responsible if there is a violent issue at one of these places...SHE WAS TOLD ,SHE WAS WARNED, SHE DID NOTHING....SAM...two recalls, for a lot more then as Chief of Staff..IGNORING all information given about the issue...AND KILLING by non support a bill in the 99th Oregon session that would minimized this issue.King was given almost his entire worthless time as president of the Cop union, to address the issue, and at least provide notification of these places as I begged him to do...IGNORED, AND A NASTY EMAIL telling me to "f off!"

For that, Turner has done no better...PDX CITIZENS...there were 3 chances to fumigate the mayor's office...AND YOU ARE LESS SAFE BECAUSE OF THIS ISSUE, and your not voting for a recall of the mayor.

One person was killed in Portland by one of these PATIENTS, a woman care giver was killed in St. Helens.

Not just the cops leaders ignored it,,,,THE ENTIRE CITY COUNCIL IGNORED IT, THE COUNTY AS WELL....Columbia county is about to be sued for millions for not doing their first job, that even before a foot of bike lanes are built as in Portland....issues that will get someone killed are the first to be managed.....that has never happen...

Jack Peek
I wish I had read all this before I moved to Portland, spent $200,000 trying to establish a business and a life in such a backward "one horse" town.

I know you guys all love the status quo, so did "Bull Conner" and "Lester Maddox", not to mention a whole region of white Southerners who did not want to end segregation.

You guys don't want to give up on the idea of Portland as a white man's paradise either, which is why you can't see the murder of Aaron Campbell for what it was, "target practice" by a police union gone Storm Troopers, with all the inherent racism and xenophobia that goes with the Nordic dream.

But I did move there, I did lose the money, but at least I got Dan Saltzmann to call in the FBI and investigate the shooting, and they found that Frashour (and by default the department) violated the civil rights of Aaron Campbell.

So my passing was not in vain.

I have no doubt that Mr. Frashour, as well as the majority of his fellow Portlanders, are "good" and "decent" people who are just doing what they've been told is the "good" and "right" thing to do. So were all the "good Germans" who joined the Nazi's and the rest is history.

My deepest regret about Portland is that it appears to be a region which is incapable of grasping and developing the rigorous honesty to look at it's own terrible dark side, brimming over with fears, incest, racism, and inhospitality for anyone who is "not like us." Even Mississippi has more hospitality for "outsiders."

Now I'm back in LA, 20 years after the Rodney King Rebellion, in a city that does a better job of dealing with all of it's realities, particularly the messy ones. In the meantime, my prayer for Portland is that the white people who run the place will start taking a more honest look at just how ugly Portland is for far too many people.

Edward Garren, MFT
Portland resident from 06>11
ew. why is it that the people kids are trained to look up to are not man enough to admit fault and to ask for forgiveness? That's what being an adult means these days... never saying "I'm sorry"

just like being in love?


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