Well DUH! Look at the Portland Police Department! Buncha trigger happy roidheads with latent White supremacist tendencies.
It's as it should be. Blacks and Latinos have a disproportionate population of gang members over white people. Keep up the good work PPB. Bust these scumbag gangs once and for all here in Portland. Make them go somewhere else. We don't need another Laurelhurst incident.
You saw the right half of the graph, right?

*Suddenly begins manicuring stjohnsrules's nails*

You racists must lead such innnnnteresting lives and meet such innnnnteresting people!
Hey, it's racist shithead from St. Johns chiming in again!
Wow...I just can't even...who the fuck is this guy?
I don't know him...
Wow. Classic racist dumb ass. Your own beloved police force sends a letter stating that they basically tend to stop the wrong people for crimes they haven't committed, and admit that white people have the most contraband and you still.... Wow. Can't fix stupid, I guess.
"data analyzed by Portland Copwatch and the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform."

Look at all of you a-holes taking this hook, line and sinker. Fuck you guys are stupid if you think Albina is ever going to be fair to the police and not cry racism when pasty, dipshit liberals give them an opening. I want a better city for all of Portland, not make excuses for pukes who want to cry about things that don't matter. I want black people to succeed, not having to suffer under the idiocy that is the liberal ticket in town. And for any white person here calling me a racist? You are a joke. Only it's a boring joke and no one finds it amusing because you lack substance and intestinal fortitude. Go BLACK PEOPLE!!! MAY YOU ENJOY ALL THE SUCCESS LIFE HAS TO OFFER!!!!! How's that for racism?
"Go BLACK PEOPLE"? You can't take back all your comments of the past week painting non-white people as violent criminals (and immigrants who came here undocumented with their parents back when they were children as criminals, and gay people as liars). You said "I have absolutely no sympathy for any race that gangs up and attacks innocent people" and that if black people don't get don't get their people under control, it will be up to people "carrying" to make an example out of black thugs.
Stop trying to stir up hatred and fear and incite violence. Many transplants don't know about it, but Portland has had all too much of that kind of thing already.
You and your kind are scum, and fortunately if your children get any kind of education they'll grow up to hate what you stand for, leaving you to die bitter and alone.
I wouldn't worry too much about the immediate knee jerk reactionaries who take any line of thought other than the portland liberal party line as obvious racism.

It is well known that Mr. Damos is anti-white and is in fact a federal agent in deep cover attempting to stir the pot to the point of boiling over.
Right, and I'm typing this from inside a black UN helicopter with the rest of my anti-white conspirators. Now that our plans are in motion, I can remove the mask.

Psst, DamosA: The fox is in the henhouse and the hawk flies at midnight.
@#9: I don't take back anything. Just because you want so badly to believe I'm racist doesn't mean I am racist. You're twisting my words like a good little liberal. I really don't care what you think of me, gayserbeam. I want black people to succeed. The sooner they realize just how hard they've been fucked by the liberal ticket the better. Black people want jobs and homes, not sympathy from pasty whites who cannot possibly provide either from a fucking blog.
As long as they were justified in pulling them over I don't care what the numbers are, then again I don't make a living pulling the race card on people
@2, 8, & 12:

Why don't you go back to the stormfront circle-jerk you came from.

Seriously, go fuck yourself you white power piece of shit.
You've said negative things about an entire race, as I quoted. You've judged huge categories of children based on the color of their skin or on their undocumented status when their parents brought them here. You're a fucking racist. I miss the days when virulent racists would at least admit it instead of playing games about it.
PS What's your deal with this whole "pasty" thing? What does it mean? Does it have something do with your odd views on race?
PPS I'm really not a liberal, but who gives a shit.
I think it's appropriate to point out - since we're talking about race and crime - that white people are disproportionately child molesters and pedophiles. If you just follow the same reasoning that racists apply to other races, and you apply it to this revelation, then all white people are disgusting child molesting pedophiles.
Yeah, well white pedophiles don't roam the streets like wild pack animals attacking innocent people. In fact, in Portland, they make them mayor.
yo, can't we all just get along?
So how do you improve the situation? How can police be improved and to what are they being transformed? I have the experience and some of the answers during my 25 years as a chief of police. I invite you to take a look at my new book, “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police” ( and peruse my blog at where I take on current issues regarding police. The stop and frisk problem is a big one -- but it can be overcome with sensitive, well-trained and respectful police officers.

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