The Gayor Sam Adams is possibly the dumbest politician this state has ever seen....and it has seen some whopping liberal parasites. So let me get this straight...Portland has a law that does not allow camping in city limits....and it awards this lawsuit to a bunch of gutter rats and blood sucking lawyers ? Why do we even have laws when this Lib-turds just do what they want anyway? Liberalism is a mental disorder. End story.
You are a fucking idiot.
it's a law against RECREATIONAL camping. people who are displaced from society are not camping RECREATIONALLY.
what IS our mayor doing to ease the foreclosure threat to Portland citizens? NADA. Our Housing Dept is operating, by their own account and by the account of the Auditor's Dept, "IN CRISIS."
It's a joke to call Sam a budget maestro .... just ask the Auditor.
p.s. He just allowed 100 teachers to be laid off while hiring more cops. Police Commish as budget bully is more like it.
Speaking of budget wizzing, Sam is approving $5/M start-up cost + annual operating costs for fluoride in our clean water as his most recent offering to "the poor."
Yeah, ya think that's how "the poor" would want a $5/M windfall spent? No. Think NUTRITION (Vit D for strong teeth & bones dummy) and HOUSING. Then think EDUCATION.
Weirdest priority for the poor fathomable, and impacts EVERYONE, not just the targeted population. City Council playing doctor instead of showing actual practical leadership. Weirdness certainly abounds Portlandia walk-on bit player. grrrr

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