The council has (mostly) answered Mayor Sam Adams call.
Having all the votes he needs (plus one!) to challenge the Oregon Employment Relations Board's order to reinstate the fired cop who killed Aaron Campbell in 2010, Mayor Sam Adams isn't wasting any time making the decision official, the Mercury has learned.

City hall sources confirm Adams' office is planning a public hearing at 2 pm next Thursday, October 4, on whether to challenge the ERB's reinstatement of Ron Frashour in the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Not that Adams' office had a lot of time to spend in the first place. The ERB, which reached its decision last Friday and announced it on Monday, gave the mayor only 30 days to prepare for Frashour's return... or a potential court challenge.

City Attorney James Van Dyke told me in a message this morning that several legal questions remain unanswered, including whether Frashour might still return to the police force despite a challenge or if the city will ask the appellate court to stay his return until the court fight is resolved. That could cost the city even more money in back pay and interest if the city loses.

Getting a head start on figuring those logistics out is undoubtedly among the biggest reasons Adams decided to move quickly. Adams is moving so quickly, in fact, he isn't even waiting for his strongest ally, Randy Leonard, to get back from vacation. That's okay, because Leonard is going to do Adams a solid.

He's going to call in his vote despite, technically, being away. Asked to confirm that, Leonard emailed a short reply:

"Yes, that is true."

Among the only other lingering political questions? Whether Dan Saltzman will get on board and make this thing unanimous. Saltzman's office has yet to return messages left today and yesterday asking about the commissioner's plans.

Update 4:08 PM: Don't take my word for it. Adams has now personally announced the date and time.