I missed this over the weekend—apologies—but Portland police say they were involved in a shooting early Saturday while trying to chase down and arrest a man in what cops say was an "attempted murder incident." It's the fifth police shooting in Portland involving Portland officers this year, tying last year's mark and falling just one off 2010.

(In two other shootings, Washington County officers injured a man in New Columbia while helping Portland detectives serve a warrant, and a Portland officer fired at a man while helping an outside police agency.)

The bureau today identified the officers in the most recent shooting as Erik Strohmeyer, with 12 years of service in Portland, and Garry Britt, who has four years. Britt and Strohmeyer were called out to an apartment on SE 134th where a man, identified as Vadim Kobenko, had been shot.

The two cops then chased after the suspect in the shooting, identified as Joshua Stephen Baker, who sped off in his truck. Baker crashed several blocks away, and that's when the officers fired their guns, police said in a statement. Baker reportedly suffered "non-life-threatening injuries," but the cops haven't made it clear what caused them.

Baker still didn't do what the officers asked, even after the shooting, and the bureau's Special Emergency Response Team showed up and did the arrest instead. Baker's been booked into the downtown jail on assault, attempted murder, and domestic violence charges.

Asked how and whether Baker was injured, police spokesman Lieutenant Robert King tells me the bureau is "still determining" that.

"Officer interviews are happening now," he says, "and we will know more soon."