Update, November 17: 

The Multnomah County District Attorney's office has cleared the deputy responsible for the October 5 shooting in Portland's Lloyd neighborhood of any criminal charges. 

Sheriff’s Deputy Rory McPherson was conducting a "routine patrol" of the Lloyd District the afternoon of October 5, during which he stopped a man named Tristan Borges he believed was responsible for stealing a car. 

While in handcuffs, Borges yelled to a woman inside a nearby car. That woman, named Erin Juge, allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at McPherson. McPherson shot at Juge. Borges then entered Juge's car and the two drove off north on NE Grand Ave. 

A few minutes later, Juge ran a red light and crashed into two vehicles at NE Grand Ave. and NE Weidler St. Portland police officers arrested both Juge and Borges at the scene. Juge survived being shot by McPherson. 

On Thursday, the district attorney's office said an investigation into the shooting concluded that McPherson was justified in using deadly physical force against Juge—and that the shooting was not criminal.

"The suspect was an imminent deadly threat and that the deputy took necessary action to defend themselves from that deadly threat," reads a press release from the district attorney's office. 

McPherson returned to work on November 7. 


Original post, October 5:

A Multnomah County Sheriff's deputy shot a member of the public in the Northeast Portland Lloyd District neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. 

Law enforcement officials have not released any details about the incident, only noting that there are "multiple crime scenes," according to a tweet from the Multnomah County Sheriff's office. Several blocks along NE Grand Ave. have been taped off and traffic is being redirected. It appears the incident began around NE Grand Ave. and NE Holladay St. and continued to NE Grand and Halsey St., where multiple cars were crashed.

A witness who lives at an apartment building at NE Grand Ave. and NE Holladay St. said they heard four gunshots before seeing a dark SUV speed north on NE Grand Ave. 

The shooting investigation is being lead by the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). 

PPB has not shared the status of the person shot.

"Investigations of this magnitude are very complex and require many more procedural steps," said PPB spokesperson Kevin Allen, noting that police are not able to share details yet.


This story will be updated.