Color me a sucker for anything with the suffix "-rama" (yes, even diarrhearama). So I'm super jazzed to announce the call for submissions for the second annual Kick Ass Oregon History Diorama Contest. It's put on by the excellent local podcast Kick Ass Oregon History, who had no small amount of fun with this last year. It's easy enough—take some element of our state's rich and seedy history and depict it in a shoebox full of brightly colored construction paper. Aside from spawning a fourth grader from your loins, you're not going to get another opportunity to craft up a diorama anytime soon. This be your golden opportunity!

Here's the press release with the sweet nitty-gritty:

Basically, we are inviting you to:
1) Make a Kick Ass diorama about Oregon History
2) Email some photos of said diorama to this address by Oregon's birthday (Feb. 14)
3) Bring your Kick Ass diorama to the Jack London Bar on February 19 at 7:30 pm for extra credit points (note: that is also our "Oregon's Birthday Party"—and we will have cake—along with guest speakers Finn John and [Merc contributor] Joe Streckert!)
4) Bask in internet fame and glory!

The prize? A complimentary guest pass to an upcoming Kick Ass Oregon History Tour!

Here are some pics from last year's winners.