Hoodlums. Has Ernie replaced Elmo?

Over the past week, Portland police officers and detectives have arrested four different suspects in four separate stabbing cases. All across town, all unrelated. But this shouldn't surprise you.

It seems like stabbing has become the assault crime of choice over the summer. Remember Mr. Stabbing Things and the stabbed gentleman's club attendee? It's too early to tell if this has a direct correlation with Mayor Sam Adam's recent adoption of gun control laws, but its an interesting idea. According to the Portland Police Bureau, there hasn't been an obvious uptick in stabbings over the summer, despite this last week's trend. But with police cracking down more heavily on gun-toters, it's a possibility that the past gun-related assault cases could be replaced with knives. Let's hope not.

Another stabbing just happened Sunday (Aug. 28) at a MAX station. What's the deal?