The person(s) who did this are the most depraved of all -- targeting homeless people like that shows that they think that there are some human beings out there that are, in their minds, less than human. THAT scares me more than anything. These fucks need to be caught and locked up.
Agreed Doogie.

I fail to understand however, how a random act of evil calls for more incentives to be homeless in Portland.
a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultraviolent
One hopes that Nick Fish and Dan Saltzman will see this as a very good reason to get off their collective NIMBYism and start working on ways to make R2DToo and others survive, rather than fail. Closed, safe rest areas are a good start to safety for people just like the two who were shot.

WoW! I hope whoever did this gets caught and anally raped in prison for the rest of their miserable life!
D, you are the ultimate heartless piece of shit. Take your zealous politics and go back to Mississippi, fuckstick.
This is a hate crime against people who live on the streets.
Random? I don't think so? These shootings are part of a continuum of violence that starts with marginalizing and dehumanizing poor people. The sit-lie ordinance, the camping ordinance, the dismantling of social services including affordable housing, the attitude that people living on the streets are a nuisance and should be encouraged to move elsewhere are all part of that continuum.

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