This was obviously done by conservatives, perhaps members of Mars Hill, to characterize the targets of their rhetoric as criminals.
Commenter #1: Yes, anytime something you dislike happens, blame it on conservatives. Excellent job, sir.
*takes bow*
Gay extremists are the most ihntolerant snobs of them all and they cower behind political correctness. This should be investigated as a hate crime against the church.
Chuck Currie is outraged! Jesus. The first thing I thought when I heard about this was Chuck Currie puffing up his sanctimonious chest.
This is why I don't agree with hate crime legislation. As gross as it is to type, thebadsteed is right: this qualifies as hate crime. The world is now officially upside down.
" If we want to be treated like human beings, we must not behave like animals."

Both sides of this are humans acting like assholes - leave the animals out of it.
There are no "gay extremists" clown asshole above. I wish there were. Gay people -esp. males, who fancy they can "pass" - are incredible conformists who virtually apologize for inspiring hatred from homophobes. I imagine these "angry queers" are early 20s anarchist types of the sort that imagine that the CEO of Starbucks personally repairs all his stores' broken windows.
Oh, and "anti gay church" is virtually redundant. I mean that could describe virtually any religious institution Western, Eastern or otherwise. I almost (almost) feel sorry for this one church being singled out.
Wait, I just noticed this was written by the wommon who wrote the article about Silverado's prices being grossly sexist. So far she is my number one suspect in this rock throwing. I saw a Tales from the Crypt once about a journalist committing crimes then covering them.
Seems pretty obvious that Mars Hill did this to themselves to gain sympathy.
Seanpdx: calling people homphobes just makes you look weak. Like you're hiding behind political correctness to win an argument. Problem is, when you do that, you lose all credibility. I can certainly call gay people names but then, miraculously, it's called hate speech. Gay people don't want equality. They want special treatment and they are getting it thanks to liars and the fools that buy into their bs. I don't hate homosexuals. I think they are the ones that are starting static under the misleading guise of "equality". That is pure bullshit. Gay people are free to attack people but when they are attacked, they cry HATE CRIME!!!!! Fuck that double standard. That is why I won't vote for any liberal bullshit "equality". Look at Sam Adams. A gay man who lied to get elected. Liberals protected him and now he arrogantly sits in city hall doing nothing of value for Portland. Quit making excuses for these people. Portland is learning the truth about gay people the hard way. Intolerance is intolerance no matter how you slice it. Only one side gets to cower behind hate crime legislation.
You could've saved a lot of typing by just burning a cross, Krusty.
@commenters #1 and 10: It's not likely that Mars Hill members would break a 100-year-old stained-glass window of their own church just to blame it on the gays. If this were, say, a non-destructive graffiti attack then I might consider that a possibility.
@commenters #1 and 10: It's not likely that Mars Hill members would break a 100-year-old stained-glass window of their own church just to blame it on teh gays. If this were, say, a non-destructive graffiti attack then I might consider that a possibility.
Should the very existence of a shameful, hateful, oppressive organization (such as an anti-gay church) be considered a hate crime? I think it should. Therefore, actions brought against such an organization cannot be hate crimes, only justified retaliation. If any of these other arguments are true, then surely this one is 100x more so.
Neveralone: what you just wrote could literally be used to justify any action, illegal or otherwise. And the answer to your question is an easy one: fuck no.
@badsteed. Your arguments are typical of an angry reactionary who feels lacking and projects anger at people who you think are getting away with something. And politicians just love your kind: they can trot out a new group to frighten you every year, from illegal immigrants to satanic sex rings to lesbian feminism. And then promise to protect you from these imagined foes. I guarantee the problems of your life are your own doing, and those of the politicians you turn to.
Great way to drum up some sympathy for the church idiots.
@ Chuck, did you leave your sarcasm detector at home today?
@17 seanpdx. Listen, man. I know that liberals are truly mentally so I will do my best to tread lightly here. You are a fucking moron. This is definitely a hate crime. Just because you don't like being called out on your boring, misguided bullshit doesn't change the truth. That isn't a one-way street. If gays deserve hate crime protection, so do religious people. Personally, I think any hate crime legislation is bullshit but since it is on the books, let's apply that law equally. You and your kind are all about equal rights, right? Unless you commit a crime. Then you cower behind political correctness. That's my ultimate point. If you don't like it, too fucking bad. Go cry to your mom.
@20: if you're going to say that other people are "truly mentally" without following the adjective "mentally" with a noun, then you shouldn't call other people morons.
@21 and 22. At least I bring an opinion to the table about the column instead of gutless attacks and useless innuendo. C'mon, guys. Get in the game. It's pretty straight forward. Form an opinion. State your opinion. Then take your medicine. If you cannot complete these three simple steps, you are a troll. I expect as much from sheep.
And I forgot to mention you are both extremely lazy. Another liberal negative.
I suppose I shouldn't even bother since you don't read anything, mr. Troll. But religion is covered under hate crime laws and always has been. I might also mention that religion is a choice. I didn't mention hate crimes or homophobia in general or any such thing in previous comments but you don't read and just go on to make your silly points, so whatever.
Homosexuals also have a choice. They can either marry someone from the opposite sex or live as a homosexual with a civil union. I'm not saying civil unions are off the table. I'm saying the gay community needs to leave marriage alone. That was my entire point. I don't hate gay people but I won't stand for cowards attacking people while hiding behind political correctness and I certainly won't respect anyone who doesn't see both sides of the issue. Gay people have no right trying to dictate how marriage is defined since they had no hand in creating the tradition. If gay people can leave marriage alone and stop attacking the religious people out there and compromise with civil unions with all the bells and whistles, I have no problem. Until then, I will call bullshit. I'm not a religious person but I respect the fact that most of the laws of U.S. are based on Christianity and deserve much more respect than what zealots are attempting to do to them and faith-based traditions. Bullying goes both ways as is very apparent in this thread alone. I will personally never back down from taking on people who want to dictate instead of compromise. That is exactly why our nation is so divided now.
The point about whether it's a hate crime or not is irrelevant, because the people who did this will never be caught. There's been a campaign over the last several years of attacks against the property of banks, corporations, the police, and now a bigoted church. No one has been arrested for any of those actions. Just goes to show how easy it is to attack, when the time and place is of your choosing. Hopefully it encourages others to do the same, and hopefully every window is broken from this shitty church until they pack up and leave town. And then hopefully the window breakers go for the Q center next - fucking sell outs.
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