To be fair, cops did shoot and kill one of the Bundy Occupiers.

The unfortunate lesson to be learned here is that guns make the difference. Bring a gun to a protest, and you're more likely be treated with patience, of course, you're also more likely to be shot and killed by cops. Everything is a trade-off.
They shot one of the Bundy Occupiers because the hick pulled a gun. The Feds were just faster to draw.

Don't walk into a government building armed and call yourselves "protesters." You're terrorists. The fact that all of them were acquitted is an absolutely disgusting show of bad judgement.
Is "white privilege" really the best explanation you can come up with for what happened? How about the possibility that the jury might have sympathized with the political motivations for the "protesters"? I think they were clearly guilty, but I don't think they got off because they are white.

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