This might be the fight that brings down the internet. Trying to craft a narrative around this madness is like so much proverbial nailing of Jell-O. So gather round the lockers, children. I bring you a tale of anti-Christs and lesbian shitasses. God bless you, Jezebel.

First, Scott Baio said this:


Then Jezebel commenters said this:

I can't believe Joanie loved Chachi. What a dickweed.

And this:

So glad those roads, firehouses, police precincts, schools and libraries filled with LAZY PEOPLE are getting their much needed money from "Charles in Charge" residuals. Suck it Chachi

Also this:

Scott Baio, you are a bag of mashed assholes

So Scott Baio's wife said this:


Then Scott Baio's Wikipedia page said this:


And now Twitter is saying this:


Then, my head went like this: