For those who love a good—and actually thoughtful—internal blog fight, hop over to our sister blog Slog (kind of sounds like "sister wives," doesn't it?) to read Lindy West take on her boss, Dan Savage, over comments he made in his "Ban Fat Marriage" post.

Lindy responded to the post by blogging this:

Hey, Dan—so now that you're equating the stigmatization of fat people with the stigmatization of gay people, does that mean you're going to stop stigmatizing fat people on this blog?

To which Dan responded in the comments:

I'll respond to Lindy's post with a post 'o my own.
In the meantime, and for reference, please link to all the many, many posts — or columns or YouTube videos — where I be all "hating on fat people." I do it constantly, I'm told, so there should be lots of examples, tons of recent ones and lots more from olden times.

Which in turn inspired Lindy to write her must-read manifesto "Hello, I am Fat." Here's a snippet:

You asked me for links, Dan, so here are some links for you. There are plenty more, but if you want me to go through each one and explain to you how these words and implications hurt and shame people, you're going to have to pay me overtime (in Doritos!!!!!). I get that you think you're actually helping people and society by contributing to the fucking Alp of shame that crushes every fat person every day of their lives—the same shame that makes it a radical act for me to post a picture of my body and tell you how much it weighs. But you're not helping. Shame doesn't work. Diets don't work. Shame is a tool of oppression, not change.

This post is currently at 525 comments, and climbing—but regardless of who's right and who's wrong in this bloggy battle royale, it's a fascinating topic and one that's worthy of our thought and consideration. (Besides, I'd bet this particular argument is far from over!) Check it out!