After a long weekend, and 1,273 comments later, it looks like The Great "Hello, I'm Fat" War of 2011 going on over at our sister wife blog Slog is finally (and thankfully!) coming to an end. Last night Savage posted his own manifesto in response to Lindy's manifesto—and if you have no idea what's going on and want to catch up, my Cliff Notes manifesto to all this weekend's shenanigans resides here.

Anyway, here's a clip from Savage's extremely long (for a blog post anyway) response to Lindy's blog post—NOW WITH OPEN COMMENTS!

Look, Lindy, I hear you. You don't like my posts about obesity. You don't think they're helpful. They're not necessarily meant to be helpful. You seem to assume that I post in the hope that fat people will read my posts and drop the weight. That's not my motivation; neither is shaming fat people. I'm interested in the obesity epidemic and I'm following the news about it and I assume other people are too and I'm posting about it and I'm ticked off about some aspects of it (including, yes, the vitriol that has been aimed at me over the years). And, yes, I believe that people should be fit—fit, not skinny; active, not sticks—not because Fat Is Gross, but because healthy—which doesn't always translate to skinny—is better than non-healthy. it's pretty much the same reason why I think people shouldn't smoke or fuck strangers without protection or play on railroad tracks or smoke meth or vote Republican.

I am not, however, responsible for your shame (RIP). You arrived at my posts with your shame, my posts didn't create it, and you managed to conquer your shame despite my posts. Good for you. (No snark intended in that "good for you." Seriously, Lindy, good for you.) If you don't want to read my posts about this subject—about any subject—just skip 'em.

Naturally, this is a bit out of context—there's much, much more here if you have the time and tenacity to read it. (Now can we finally get back to arguing whether or not Alison Hallett is an "art criminal"?)