Oh no he didn't:

Oh ladies, how you love your phone. You can just talk and text and talk and text... forever! These days, with the modernization of the space phone, it is just becoming a part of the female experience to constantly have a glowing piece of plastic in your hand or cradled in your neck. You can't sit with friends, take a walk, deal with servers, drive a FUCKING CAR without tapping your little screens or jabbering away. Now, as a man, I recognize that we are not much better. Most of my male friends can't walk into an establishment without checking it on Facebook. But there is one particular meeting ground where the differences between the sexes truly manifest themselves in this particular regard. One public place where I can't help noticing male behavior vs female behavior: Why is it, in cafés, men almost always take their phone calls outside while women just sit there and yammer away in ignorant bliss? No matter how loud and animated the conversation? No matter how many people you're surrounded by? What's the deal, girls? Why don't you respect your surroundings? Now, I know what you're all thinking: This is such a sweeping, bullshit generalization. This is sexist drivel from some angry, sexually frustrated little man. Women are NOT, by design, so naturally prone to such rude, inconsiderate, self-indulgent behavior. All I'm asking you is, please, fucking prove it.-Anonymous

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