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The Everyman Appeal of Huey Lewis

HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS A couple pacemakers later, the heart of rock 'n' roll is still beating!


I like this so much. And I don't even care about Huey Lewis. Good job, fellas.
Funny, Heart and Soul was just on the radio as I'm driving and I mention to the wife to remind me to google Huey Lewis and the News...
Never bought any records of his, but I never hated him at all.
And that song sounds real good while driving.
Oh, yeah, I heard that about his dick too, somehow....
If you read this piece all the way through to find out why Ezra "ace" Cryoff is so attracted to Huey Lewis (of all people) the answer is at the very end with the last thing he says.

Can things that dont matter have spoilers? Sorry.
The first Debate Club was decent enough, if overly long. This one wasn't even a debate. It was two people, both of whom have had their sense of relevance vastly inflated by a choice job telling a young urban population what to love every Wednesday, discussing why they are too cool to enjoy Huey Lewis & The News. They didn't even present opposing viewpoints. Nor did they examine anything but the most surface level reasoning as to their popularity in the 80's. One of the main reasons they became as popular as they did is because they really embraced the dawning age of the music video. They made a shit ton of music videos, and MTV was still young and so their playlist inevitably ended up playing 2 or 3 Huey Lewis & The News songs in every block of programming. And those days, they only programmed a couple blocks of videos which then just repeated until the next broadcast day. So the 2 or 3 Huey Lewis songs you saw in the afternoon, you ended up seeing 2 more times each later that night. They brilliantly exploited the relatively new format of music videos and the limitations of MTV's programming to make sure that people were hearing them CONSTANTLY. Say what you will about the music, that's good business.

But I'm biased. When I was 8 years old, my aunt had a barbeque to celebrate and she gave me a harmonica as a gift. The harmonica came with a free lesson by Huey fucking Lewis himself. She is/was literally the president of their fan club and ended up being invited to play golf with him. The round of golf happened to line up with my birthday barbeque. So she bought me a harmonica, asked Mr. Lewis to humor me in a brief lesson, and now I have one of the awesomest stories involving a celebrity harmonica lesson you will ever hear.

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