Escape From New York !

In the far, far future--which in Escape From New York is 1997--NYC is the prison, and Kurt Russell is the prison-breaka! When Air Force One crashes into the maximum security penal colony of Manhattan, who does the government send to set that shit straight? SNAKE MOTHERFUCKING PLISSKEN, that's who! The immortally awesome Kurt Russell is the smack-talkin', eyepatch-wearin', ass-kickin' Snake, and guess who else is in it? Ernest Borgnine and Isaac Hayes! Goddamn, this movie rules! Like all the other films in this year's Mercury/Clinton Street Winter Prozac Film Series, it's a guaranteed good time, and you can drink beer, watch campy movies, and heckle as loudly and often as you want. Unlike those other films, though, THIS Escape From New York is going to be a sing-along version (How's that going to work, you ask? Show up and see!). PLUS! There'll be funny trailers, and even more value-added, Mercury-approved entertainment. And oh yeah--SNAKE MOTHERFUCKING PLISSKEN! ERIK HENRIKSEN

Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899, Friday, Feb 20, 10 pm, $6 admission, $2 beer, $2 pizza.

Mardi Gras Mayhem!

Here's some information you probably don't care to know: "Fat Tuesday" has its roots in the Catholic tradition of whooping it up before Lent--where the subject purifies their body of earthly sins for 40 days. The irony here is that most of the drunken revelers you'll see tonight are not the slightest bit Catholic; nor will they abstain from anything, especially alcohol, for the next 40 days. BUT! Who are we to rain on your parade? Here are a few sweet choices of bacchanalia to take part in on this holiest of nights...

Hiphop Mardi Gras--Make your Fat Tuesday even "phatter" (Groan. Sorry about that.) with this night of hiphop, soul food, and tomfoolery at the Delta. Delta Café, 4607 SE Woodstock

Brazilian Carnaval Celebration--Way down south (like in Brazil) Mardi Gras is known as Carnaval, and what better way to celebrate than with Samba drumming and dancing? Featuring The Lions of Baucada! Fez Ballroom, 316 SW 11th, 9 pm, $7

Phat Tuesday--More hiphop steezy for the breezies with Cool Nutz, DJ Marquez, The Chosen, Destro, and more! Ash Street, 225 SW Ash

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday Party--Beads, booze, broads...and umm... did I mention boobs? Yeah, boobs. Berbati's, 231 SW Ankeny, 9:30 pm

Death Strike--Giving up bowling and rock for Lent? Then get your fill at the Grand Central Bowl's "Death Strike." Cheap bowling and cheap rock featuring the Thrones, Fireballs of Freedom, and DJ Maximillion. WM STEVEN HUMPHREY

Grand Central Bowl, 808 SE Morrison, 9 pm, $5, ALL AGES