Zoobombers Go Hardcore

The youngest and most rowdy of Portland bicycle gangs, the Zoobombers (sorry, CHUNK 666, but your teeth are looking a little long) are celebrating the anniversary of their founding. And it's gonna be hardcore. After all, almost immediately after they began "bombing" the zoo by riding down a hill really fast, they began getting hassled by the cops, hardcore Homeland Security-style.

Now, with sidewalk violations and purse-snatcher take-downs under their belt, the Zoobombers are celebrating their brief yet colorful history with the Second Annual Zoobomb Hardcore Summer Special Olympics. And if you thought riding on a busy street without a helmet was dangerous, check out some of the Zoobomb competitions. They include an obstacle course that has the contestants going over railings and through swing sets, and, most appropriately, the mini-relay. In this competition, you have to pretend that your friend was arrested and race home as fast as you can while also carrying his or her bike. That sounds like good practice, doesn't it? Providing some measure of organization to the event will be a panel of celebrities. Because god knows, if you can't rely on the judgement of a celebrity, who can you trust? MARJORIE SKINNER

Sunday, meet at Rocco's, 949 SW Oak, at 8:30 pm, bomb the hill, and follow the Zoobombers to "3.0" for the party, free (other than the cost of a MAX ticket to the zoo)


Can't rationalize the $56 to $82 to see Prince live? Well, save your precious clams for the things you need to buy (cocaine, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, bikini waxes), and see Glamslam, a cabaret of musicians covering Prince's best and most popular album Purple Rain.

A mutiny of local performers including members of Suckapunch, The Blacknotes, and Stripklub will perform every song from Purple Rain the album, plus all the Prince and the Revolution, Apollonia 6, and Morris Day and The Time songs from the film. The performance marks the 20th anniversary of the now classic album (yes, you're that old.)

And hey, even if you've quit using drugs and are glad to fork over the money for concert tickets, Glamslam serves a valuable purpose. Use Friday's tribute show as foreplay, then blow your load on Wednesday night at the big concert. Prince would want it that way. KATIE SHIMER

Friday, August 27th, Dante's, 1 SW 3rd, 226-6630, 9:30 pm, $5-10 sliding scale donation