Test Portland's Hiphop Abilities

This weekend is full of opportunities to compete in--or just witness--competitions that will test the mettle of Portland's hiphop talent. First off is Friday's second annual Rose City Revival breakdancing competition, where b-boys and b-girls will battle it out tournament style, with three on three breakin' battles, one on one popping battles, as well as open cypher competitions and open circles, with jams courtesy of DJ Scene. Winners will be rewarded with gear, gift certificates, and custom trophy art. You'll also get to see the all-female hiphop dance outfit Shades of Mahoganee, and appropriately named bucket drummers Funk Plastic.

Moving right along to another cornerstone of hiphop culture, North Portland café/club Wax is holding a freestyle emcee battle, the winner of which will be crowned "King of Portland." Held in elimination rounds, the competitors will be judged on timing, consistency, content, flow, and confidence. If you're planning on competing, you might want to erase some of your memories of prerecorded rhymes--the judges will call you out as a biter if you try to rhyme something you heard on that 50 Cent album. Top prizes include $300 cash, personalized Adidas gear, and bragging rights. So if you're a hiphop protégé, this is the weekend to collect your cred--and the loot! MARJORIE SKINNER

Rose City Revival Part 2, PSU Smith Center Ballroom, 1825 SW Broadway, Friday, 6 pm, $6 ($3 w/PSU ID), all ages.King of Portland Freestyle Tournament, Wax, 5101 N Interstate, Saturday, 8 pm, $8 ($5 if dressed all in black), all ages.

Insane Bike Posse

Bike couriers are a certain brand of daredevil--as determined as a heat-seeking missile, taking pride in cuts, scratches, and bruises. This weekend, the North American Cycle Courier Championships (NACCC) squeals into town with parties and death-defying races. It is what the organizers call the "confluence of the Tour de France and the Lumberjack Olympics."

Unfortunately, Portland's own two-time defending NACCC champ, Tad Bamford, has bowed out of this year's competition. Instead, Bamford has stepped into the role as event organizer and chief architect of this year's racecourse, which he gleefully calls "grueling and cruel." Chock full of staircases, swampy tunnels, and punishing unpaved inclines, the course will separate the chaff from the truly gutsy (and potentially insane) couriers.

Here's the one little catch: Due to legal concerns and such, we cannot disclose further details about the race's location or time. (Apparently the fuzz frowns on cyclists weaving through traffic at breakneck speed… go figure.) But Bamford says he and the courier crew will be happy to tell you where and when the race is if you show up at one of the two event-related parties over the weekend. "Buy one of us a drink," he says, "and we'll tell you where to go." PHIL BUSSE

FRIDAY: Kick-Off Party, New American Casuals, 326 SE Morrison, 9 pm, $5. SATURDAY: Big Party w/MC Safety First and DJs Paula B & Awkward, Berbati's, 213 SW Ankeny, 9 pm, free.