Bar Crawl Bonanza!

Whereas in winter you'll find roughly a quarter of Portland's population holed up in the closest warm bar at any given hour, summertime calls for more pluck. People are feeling awake, creative, and active, so sometimes just booze isn't fun enough.

Fans of the tiki motif will be thrilled to attend the Northwest Tiki Crawl. Friday starts with a private party (buy your tickets, which are only available online, and get more info at, but the real booze blast starts on Saturday at the Alibi, with free appetizers, raffles for Alibi schwag, and vendors selling tiki wares. The party then "crawls" to the Jasmine Tree for performances by Selector Lopaka, Lushy, and Susan and the Surftones. Finally, recuperate on Sunday with a luxury bus tour of Portland's private retro and tiki bars!

If you're more of a bike person, there are a number of events to accommodate you. Friday night there's a bicycle pub crawl, preceded by a bike kiss-in, which will take place as a demonstration of eternal bike love (mints will be provided). Also, on Saturday is the Second More Than Annual Juke Off Booze Cruise, a haphazard (but fun-sounding) event in which you travel bar to bar in search of the best jukebox. MARJORIE SKINNER Tiki Crawl: Saturday, 4 pm, The Alibi, 4024 N Interstate; Jasmine Tree, 401 SW Harrison, 9 pm; for tickets & party/bus info. Bike Kiss-In: Friday, 5 pm, meet at City Bikes Mothershop, 1914 SE Ankeny; Pub Crawl, 7 pm, Bitter End, 1981 W Burnside; Juke Off Booze Cruise: Saturday, 3 pm, Hanigan's Tavern, 2622 SE Belmont

Wheels, Races, & White Powder

Question: What's the difference between a snowboard and a vacuum cleaner? Give up? Answer: Just where you attach the dirt bag! Get it? No, no, seriously. I love snowboarders, with their baggy pants and their too-cool-for-school attitudes, acting like they frigging invented snow! This weekend is the second annual Abominable Snow Jam: Three days of some of the sport's top riders giving one last hoo-yah for winter. Unlike traditional competitions, where the snowboarders ride the half-pipe politely one by one, this "jam" sends them out en masse--spinning, leaping, and carving down the mountain all together, it is a spectator's delight. (Fri-Sunday, Timberline Resort, hit for more info)

Closer to home, Tony Hawk pulls into town on Saturday with his head-spinning three ring circus the Boom Boom HuckJam--skateboarding, motocross, and badass BMX riders. (Saturday, Rose Garden, 7 pm, $25-85)

And, if that's not enough to get you TOTALLY STOKED, stop by the Mission Theater on Thursday for a film screening of the skate video Fuck Those Guys to raise funds for local skateparks--it's a film without much of a plot, but with plenty of gnarly skateboarding footage. Right on! (Thursday, Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan, 10 pm, $3) PHIL BUSSE