Prozac Film Fest Is Back!

Hoo-RAH! It's time once again for the hee-lariously fun Mercury Prozac Film Festival! That's right: Six weeks of campy flicks screened every Friday night at the Clinton Street Theater—each specifically designed to turn that frown upside down!

While other venues may show the occasional dopey flick, the Mercury Prozac Film Fest beats their asses in a very simple manner. Not only do you get to view the funniest films, you also get to DRINK and HECKLE. That's right, scream and yell at the screen all you want! And as an added bonus? The Mercury kicks off each screening with a skit usually involving puppets, dogs, or people getting kicked in the nut sack.

And what a lineup we have for you this year. Tonight, it's the one and only TEEN WOLF, starring Michael J. Fox! It's hormones gone awry when a nebbish student becomes a breakdancing, basketball-playing werewolf! Plus! A special appearance by "Teen Wolf" himself! Check our ad on page 44 for a complete lineup of the rest of our fun-filled series, and we'll see YOU at the movies! WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Prozac Film Fest, Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, Fri Feb 3, 10 pm, $6

The Upright Citizens Brigade

If you haven't seen the Upright Citizens Brigade on Comedy Central, you must order their DVD this very minute at With skits like "Poo Stick," and "The Little Donny Foundation," (which raises money for an unfortunate young man whose dick is so big he can hardly walk), the show featured a quality of performance and an intricacy of plotting (it was sketch comedy with actual character development) that made Saturday Night Live look like a saggy-diapered toddler in comparison.

Since the show's inception (and subsequent cancellation after three seasons), the UCB Enterprise has grown into an empire, with prolific theater companies in both NYC and LA, a hilarious feature-length film, Martin & Orloff, and a touring company, "TourCo," which performs in Portland this weekend for one night only, at the cozy Brody Theater. The UCB is first and foremost a stage act, and TourCo features some of New York's finest improvisers, including Katie Dippold (of MTV's Boiling Points), Bobby Moynihan (a regular on Conan O'Brien), and Oregon native Eli Newell, who grew up in the proud heartland of Lake Oswego. For fans of improv, this is the Portland show to catch. Reserve your tickets in advance! JUSTIN W. SANDERS

Brody Theater, 1904 NW 27th, 224-0688, Sat Feb 4, 8 and 10:30 pm, $16