Street busking! I like blogtown meet-ups and drinks.

The kiddie show won't last long. The metal show is all day.

KIDDIE SHOW! Because he won't have a kid! Other dads will ask him "So which one is yours?" and what will he say? "Ooo, I'm still trying to choose?"
Street Busking! He better wear a Boat Cop hat.
Since when is "no drinking" a rule? Nice try, Steve.
Busking for a couple hours? Way too easy! Showing up at an excruciating kiddy show and being glared at for six hours as a suspected perv...PRICELESS!
@4, I agree completely. I can check for a spare. But he'll also need an excellent mustache and collection of rare cognac.
ALL DAY at the Metalcore show. No drinking. Dressed as Boat Cop's gay sidekick "Cadet Cabin Boy"
Hearing Josh Groban on the radio makes me cringe, so I kinda thought having to endure a show with crazy fans would make me beyond uncomfortable.
He'll have fun busking.
Wow, how'd you get that picture from Ron Swanson's 8th grade formal?!
Ugh. I am not happy with Blogtown today. Busking for two hours over TEN HOURS of the crappiest metal you've ever heard?

There's no escape. He'd be screwed, man! No naps or smart phone scrabble like he could at the kid show.

Oh well. If he's going to busk, at least make him honor all back alley requests.
Why do these things get like 200 votes, but there are only like 15 commenters on Blogtown? Who are these fly-by Blogtown readers, and why are they too good to comment, huh?! You think you're better than me??!!1!
I wish that the funny hat had been required for each event. That's the only reason I voted for the busking. Funny hat at metal show would have been the best.
As someone who knows Ned quite well, I can say that he is not afraid of the "Baby Woodstock" event. Vote for busking. (Plus at lunch today he promised that if he had to busk he'd learn Santana's "Smooth.")
Ezra is lying. I didn't promise to "learn" it. I ALREADY KNOW IT
If Ned busks on the street, wouldn't this be more of a Discomfort Zone for the passers-by?
If there can't be shit *in* the hat, can there at least be a rubber turd *on* the hat?

Not that I'm declaring defeat yet. My citadel has not been stormed.
I'm one of the .07% who voted for Mama Mia, but I'm sad I'm going to miss the busking, so someone vimeo that shit.


1) I think an intern should have to raptly hippie dance in front of him, no matter what kind of music he's playing.

2) Entire Repeating Playlist:
a) Cats in the Cradle - Harry Chapin
b) American Pie - Don McLean
c) 3 Little Pigs - Green Jelly
d) Ignition - Kellz
Yes Atomic. Let there be wailing sax solo.
I would have voted Mama Mia if I thought you were serious about the thigh rubbing.
If he gets kicked out of baby woodstock for not having a baby it will make the day that much more uncomfortable.
When an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, there's nothing you can do about it.
It has been proven that being worse/more ghey than ABBA is in fact impossible. Hell, I doubt even Humphrey listens to them. Honestly I have yet to find ONE G/L person who will admit to liking them. I really think its more of a drag queen thing....hey, send Lanamman to a drag queen show. Bet he'd like it!

I think he should have to do an hour of busking AND an hour of the Alphabeticians, at the very least. And no future Discomfort Zone choices where possible free drinks/stuff/sex are offered. PAYOLA!

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