College presidents have in locus parentis responsibility to protect underage students from alcohol. This idiotic and embarrassing proposal is about dodging lawsuits, not fostering good decisions around drinking alcohol. Diligent journalists will quickly discover the financial connection between the alcohol industry and these college presidents, and when they do, we expect their respective trustees to demand resignations.

They make make a mistake by attempting to control other persons drinking. If these education leaders were sincere in their concern, it would be more logical, manageable, and thoughtful about the changing character of youth today to raise the age for college admission.
The idiots in this debate are MADD and the other neo-prohibitionists who believe that the 21 drinking age discourages drinking among young adults.

The 21 drinking age spurs those under 21 to drink as much as they can whenever they can, instead of being taught by their parents that alcohol should be used in moderation with food or to stimulate social interaction.

And the OLCC's Soviet-style control of alcohol is a result of MADD's predecessors not wanting the "open saloon" to come back to Oregon after the failure of Prohibition.
At age 18, one can fight and die for his country as well as vote. If a person can't he considered responsible enough to drink at 18, then he should not be allowed to join the military or vote either. Clear and simple. I am so tired of the fundamentalist evangelical cult members telling the rest of society that we can't drink, can't smoke, etc. because it violates their religious doctrines.

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