When I first watched The Blue Lagoon as a young man, I was entranced by the beautiful Brooke Shields frolicking topless across a golden beach. I saw the film again recently and I mostly felt... well... dirty. Good thing I was in a bar and I could drink away the feelings of guilt and lechery. Also, it was censored for television, which helped.

Tonight the bar at Elephant's Delicatessen, on NW 22nd, will be screening The Blue Lagoon as part of their regular Wednesday Tiki Drink/Tropical Movie Night. They offer a selection of classic Tiki cocktails straight out of Trader Vic's (et al.) so you can taste the tropics while being transported via celluloid to a sunnier clime.

Personally, I think Tiki drinks and a movie is a fantastic idea. But this might be a bit uncomfortable. I mean, just look at the plot keywords from

Personally, I think I'll wait for next weeks film: Rescue From Gilligan's Island.