Oh this is awesome! It's like the Future!
OMG thank you. Was going to be really jealous if those snot-nosed punks at The Stranger got the happy hr app and Portland didn't. A shame that doesn't work well on the iPhone, it's my go-to when I have access to a computer.
This is such a genius idea. I wish I had an iPhone so I wouldn't have to actually talk to people to find out about happy hours.
Make this same thing for the Android Platform!!!!!!!
Looks great - I'll have to try the results during normal happy hour times. One problem, though - there's no search on the search tab, just browsing categories.

Also, is this live updated from the Mercury's listings? Or is it fixed in the downloaded bundle? I imagine this sort of thing changes a lot.
I am waiting for a wifi connection, as I only have a Touch. This sounds ginchy, though.
robotadam: True, the Search layout does not have a keyword search, it is really to narrow results by the features listed. The All Bars layout will let you browse by alpha, so if you are looking for a specific bar, that is the way to go.

Right now the data is updated weekly from the Mercury web site. We will be moving to a live stream in the coming versions. Thanks for asking!
FeloniousMoz, we (UrbanDrinks) are working on an iPhone app now actually. In the meantime, we just released an iPhone-friendly version of the site today:

It's not an iPhone app (so you can't use the GPS functionality), but it looks like a native app and will hopefully do the trick for now.
No iPhone here--but a note about a HH that I'm hoping maybe maybe someone with an iPhone post on the app: We went yesterday to local Mexican-flavored spot Trebol, which posts a daily HH 5-6:30 and were told they wouldn't be doing doing their HH this week "because of Cinco de Mayo." ???WTF?? The three of us went to another local spot for our fix (and guess what--there ARE still several Mexican restaurants around that're keeping their HHs this week). What's Spanish for "local price gouge?"
this is fucking incredible
Wow, it's getting really hard for me to justify not buying an iphone.

As a short aside, I'm no expert, but I am a delivery driver, and being 3.8 miles away from both N Killingsworth and SW Bvrtn/Hillsdale and 3.9 from Hung Far Low doesn't seem possible. Maybe I'm wrong - or maybe that's just a sample, and not an actual screenshot?
I'm no expert, but being 3.8 miles away from N Killingsworth and SW Bvrtn/Hillsdale and 3.9 from Hung Far Low doesn't seem possible. Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe this is just a sample and not an actual screenshot?

In any case, sweet app.
I also noticed that. I believe it's just a sample, not an actual screenshot.
Another happy hour site:
Dudes, Hung Far Low moved to 82nd awhile back. The screenshot is accurate.
frinkiac, no one said the address was wrong. They commented on the array of milages being impossible, which it is.
Obilgatory -- of course it's possible, if you're in between the two locations. The screenshot was taken in inner southeast, which accounts for the distances. Check a map (as I did) and you'll see. Keep in mind that distances are as the crow flies, not driving directions "distances."
The array of mileages is right, but they are crow fly distances, not driving distances. (The screenshot was taken at roughly SE Harrison & 7th, no comment on how big of a geek I am to draw the circles to figure that one out.)
this is the only reason I want an i phone.
Ohhhh Please make this for the Palm Pre!!!! I just got mine over the weekend and it is AWESOME!!! I need this!
Make for android !!!
Indeed, there are a lot of us who have the G1, or an android device. This needs to get ported out. Id do it myself, but I have no idea how that works.
OK so if you are headed back to school like me you gotta get iShot Machine for your iPhone. It’s cocktail-shot recipes and a slot machine in one. It works pretty good for picking up girls or boys for the ladies out there. The coolest part it is free.
Please oh please make this for Android!!!!
still waiting for android yall
Please make for Android. I'm no longer rocking an iPhone and I miss this app.
another desparate plea for android
I am having a hard time adding my favorite place to this amazing app... the Pink Rose off of 13th and Lovejoy in NW has ALL DAY Happy hour on Tuesdays and has everyday happy hour from 4pm-7pm!! With an amazing Wine Down Wednesdays where select wine is only $3 ALL night as well as $3 well drinks!!!
I am a hard time trying to get one of my favorite happy hour spots listed on here... the Pink Rose on 13th and Lovejoy in NW Portland has happy hour ALL day on Tuesdays and everyday from 4pm-7pm!! They also have an amazing Wednesday deal for their Wine Down Wednesday's which includes select wines for $3 a glass (all local wines and very YUMMY) as well as $3 well drinks ALL NIGHT:) Please spread the word and go check them out for yourself as they are a locally owned and operated restaurant!!! Cheers Portland and ENJOY!!!!!!!

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