They should call the law "PBR" (Pretentious Bullshit Rules). I lived downtown for years and saw just as many assholes drunk off martinis from Saucebox as 40oz. from Plaid Pantry. But the hobos don't call the cops on the yuppies (being that hobos generally don't have phones). And there's where your crime statistics come from.

Also, surely drunk driving causes more pain, suffering, and bottom-dollar cost to our society than "public drunkenness". Wouldn't it make more sense to ban alcohol at restaurants? If the hobos are drinking outside the store, they ain't driving anywhere fucked up, right Fritz?

Definitely some good points Night Moves. I don't really care about bans on these types of liquor... but that is just because I am completely unaffected by them. It will be interesting to see what happens now with this ban in place. Speaking of drunk driving, wouldn't it be neat if every time you had to start your car, you had to give it a breathalyzer test? Anyways, unrelated...
" Speaking of drunk driving, wouldn't it be neat if every time you had to start your car, you had to give it a breathalyzer test?"

Eh, people would just have a friend blow into it for them. I'd rather such much, MUCH stiffer penalties for first-time drunk driving, not to mention repeat DUI offenders. We should impound cars, not suspend licenses. If a person is going to get busted for DUI 10 times, what makes us think they'll care about driving on a suspended license?
Trying to remove the "source" of the problem without drasticly increasing the amount of money spent on reducing homelessness and treatment programs is just fucking retarded. We saw how well this worked out last time the old ninnies tried taking our precious precious booze away from us.…
In some Scandinavian countries, there is a mandatory spell in jail for first time DUI. That would help stop people doing it.

Well, that and things like actually having buses that can get you home at that time of night...
The American way is to not build public transportation infrastructure, build everything around the car and far apart, market alcohol everywhere, then pass draconian alcohol laws that disproportionally target the poor.
^ You forgot to add that said draconian alcohol law can be circumvented by driving somewhere else.
We need to treat causes, not symptoms.


Also, I enjoy an occasional Old English forty.
Nice to see I'm going to deal with even more drunk, angry hobos in my neighborhood now that we're juuuust outside the border of the so-called "impact area," with two markets right by that are unaffected by the ban. It's going to be hell out here.
Yeah, this will surely take care of the problem.

We all know that only homeless people are alcoholics. We all know that prohibition solves addiction (hence the overwhelming success of the drug war.) Obviously those with addictions to alcohol who spend their time in this area will just give up on drinking because it won't be as easy as walking over a few blocks to buy these demon drinks that are the bane of society.

Oh, and while we're at it, let's only make it possible for rich people with vehicles to get hammered and drive home.

Why don't we just put up an electric fence around China town and throw cases of cheap beer at the homeless while hordes of self-righteous city officials laugh merrily and consume cocktails from their sidewalk seats at high end bars?

This is ridiculous. Get a clue, Portland.

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