If you haven't noticed, the weather's been pretty nice lately (and if La Nina would back the fuck off it might stay that way). Regardless, I was working out my triceps in Laurelhurst Park the other day, trying to get ready for Horseshoes/Bocce season, when I noticed the big NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES sign right by the horseshoe pits. When I was a younger man, I'd cavalierly ignore such warnings, and brazenly sip my beers in public parks. But I'm a respected member of the community now, and thus I've put away childish things. That is, I want to slightly conceal my public drinking. Which is where you, etsy-minded Portlanders, come in. Can someone please make something like this:


KCDC Skate Shop in Williamsburg has created static-cling can covers that make your tall boys more drinking-in-front-of-cops friendly. I can think of a dozen local businesses that would stand to gain from this particular brand of marketing. Can somebody please run with it?

Via Cool Hunting. (Finished product after the jump.)