Pure Skate shop in Bend/Redmond have a Coke parody version. Skaters like to drink, most skate parks don't allow it.
I once lived in a country where drinking outside was legal, common, and socially acceptable. While it did mean that I had to step over the occasional drunk dude in a subway station and saw more old guys urinating in on building than I'd have liked, I miss being able to drink a beer while waiting for a train. Or on a train. Or while getting off a train.

I guess what I'm saying here is that MAX should serve beer.
Shrunken Head's had those for a couple of years now...
The cops never notice rum Slurpees.

Those vitamin waters that the mercury was passing out mix with lots of vodka.
You know there is no state law that says that every park in portland has to be alcohol free. Parks in some towns including Albany Oregon allow people to have a beer, and being drunk and disorderly is still illegal so the cops can still deal with folks who can't handle it. The City of Portland should designate at least some of the parks as being ok to drink in.
If the Max can´t serve Beer, they should have Italian McDonalds in it.
Just drink out of an aluminum 'to go' coffee cup. Or fuck it, and brown bag. No problem.

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