Blogtown Nostalgists: remember that guy Ezra? Worked here for a couple years or so? Wrote about music and basketball? Something about a pug? Well, his sophomore effort—a Stryper-themed, Rasheed Wallace-themed bar called The Old Gold—dropped this weekend.

If you're still pissed about Ezra's Floater or Dandy Warhols coverage, now's your chance to tell him what you think. I'm looking forward to stopping by The Old Gold is located at 2105 N. Killingsworth, and hours vary enough to justify little yellow pull-quote box:

Sunday: 12pm until 12am
Monday: 4pm until 12am
Tuesday: 4pm until 12am
Wednesday: 4pm until 1am
Thursday: 4pm until 1am
Friday: 4pm until 2am
Saturday: 12pm until 2am