I don't think I've gone to the Portland Saturday Market on purpose since high school. There's somehow always something better to do than look at hippies and jewelry that I may want, but shouldn't buy—and "something" is often drinking. Apparently Saturday Market has learned how to read my mind (a secret I wish they'd share with all of my future boyfriends, please) and is bringing the booze to this weekend's festivities.

The Portland Saturday Market Spirits Fest 2012 costs $5 this Saturday and Sunday (October 13 and 14) from 11 am to 4:30 pm—a fee that can go towards your first purchase from the following local distilleries that will be tempting you with their sweet, sweet products: Bendistillery, Big Bottom Whiskey, Bull Run Distilling Company, Eastside Distilling, New Deal Distillery, Rogue Spirits, and Stone Barn Brandyworks. Representatives of the distilleries (I can vouch for the total awesomeness of at least a few) will be on hand to educate, pour samples, and provide liquid rose-colored lenses for your weekend while your friends go apeshit for the goods at the tie-die booth. Or not. Either way, get a weekend day-buzz on with your local and talented distillers—they're way more interesting than hanging planters made out of recycled shoes (in my humble opinion).

Imagine the Market on Spirits
  • Basil Childers
  • Imagine the Market on Spirits

The Portland Saturday Market is located at 108 W Burnside.