I drink a lot of cocktails. The good ones are boozy, as interesting and complex as any solid dish, and I admire our local wealth of craft cocktailers who put an astonishing amount of time and energy into balancing these liquids (at the same time having to deal with an often picky or downright disrespectful audience with grace and discretion). And again, they're boozy. So I thought I'd give a shout out for a few of my favorite drinks around town and the bartending professionals that create them—and at the very least, keep my favorite alcoholic indulgences on menus around town. And so begins the Cocktail of the Week post that I know you'll await with bated breath every week (or so).

My first pick is the Cafe Racer currently being served at SE Portland's The Woodsman Tavern. A delightful and shaken concoction that plays the sharpness of Flor de Cana four-year rum with lime juice, lemon verbena syrup, and an aromatic red wine float, I appreciate its unconventionality and presentation in addition to the fact that it's tasty as hell. Layered in color and flavor, somehow wine loves citrus in the paradise that is this combination. Bar manager Evan Zimmerman says that this cocktail is on the menu at The Woodsman temporarily as a trial for his program at the upcoming Ava Gene's, a new project from Duane Sorenson (founder of Stumptown Coffee Roasters and and current owner of the Woodsman Tavern). Until the new spot opens, however, ask for the Cafe Racer at the Woodsmen Tavern, get some of the pork nuggets, and enjoy your week.

This Cafe Racer definitely wins

The Woodsman Tavern is located at 4537 Southeast Division Street.