"Cajones" are big boxes, the polar opposite of "Cojones", which are big balls. However, as a non IPA beer drinking person, this makes me happy.
Sick of IPA's. They are obvious and unsophisticated. IPA's are the neon-painted monster trucks of beer.
IPA lovers win the poll! (Don't be bitter.)
The only thing obvious about IPA's is that someone is going to bitch about them anytime you mention beer.

I don't have a problem with someone not liking IPA's. I have gotten very, very tired of having to hear all the reasons someone doesn't like IPA's and why we're all wrong for liking them anytime someone mentions beer.
Aestro: definitely don't think you're wrong for liking IPAs. I'm just happy to have variety since I don't!

prettypenguin: thanks :) Learning Japanese in school did me NO FAVORS.
Andrea - sorry, that was aimed at Blabby. I like profiles on non-IPAs. Even though I like many IPA's, I like almost any style done well and appreciate places that provide good options.

Martin Cizmar sucks.
I don't like hefeweizen, where are my excited blog posts about the non-hef breweries?
I don't really care about IPAs. If you like them, cool. I enjoy them from time to time, too. But I feel like half of the beer options out there are IPAs. The other day I went to Fubonn and grabbed a bottle of 'Taiwan Beer'. It was the anti-IPA, and I cherished every sip of it.
After a trip to England, I really appreciate English IPAs more, but sometimes NW IPAs get a little ridiculous in their "hops arm race".

"We've got the hoppiest IPA in town, we've got more hops than a rabbit, you're face will be peeled back by the awesome kick of our overload of Cascade hops..."

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