Or you could just go buy some actual Belgian krieks that are much better and usually cost less even after importing than the astronomical prices charged by local brewers.
If you enjoy Lindemann's Kriek that's definitely your prerogative.
I was talking Hanssen's, Oud Beersel, Boon's Oude Kriek (not the syrupy regular one), or something similar. Real Belgian krieks, the ones brewers around here are attempting to imitate. Lindeman's actually makes a nice Kriek Cuvee Renee that is very good but impossible to find, although I think their regular kriek is my favorite sweetened one out of that style which really isn't my thing. Lindeman's Gueuze Cuvee Renee is a very good gueuze and reasonably priced for the style.

I don't like paying local merchants that have no import duties, lower shipping costs and arguably the same if not lower costs for production more money for an inferior product. I like to support local business but not when they are price gouging and taking advantage of their own hype.
By the way Lindeman's is also one of the few brewers of Belgian Lambic that brew their own Lambic from Scratch. A number of other bottlers actually buy Lindeman's base product or similar and then age, blend and bottle their own batches. Although Lindeman's Lambics that are generally available in grocery stores are sweetened with fruit syrup the base lambic is a very fine product. Just because it has better distribution and is cheaper does not mean it is inferior.

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