Negroni Week, which is back for its third year, is up and running until Sunday 7. Sponsored by Imbibe magazine and Campari, it’s bigger than ever, with more than 3,500 bars involved internationally. Cynics may say that it’s a way to shift more bottles of Campari (a key component of the cocktail), which may be true, but it also a charity fundraiser (last year raising more than $120,000) and anyway, cynics will get just as drunk as anyone else after trying all the options around town.

One cocktail book describes the Negroni as “not for fence sitters”, the reason being that the Campari, with it’s rather harsh, medicinal qualities, isn’t to everyone’s taste. It can be a difficult drink to get into, but try a couple and once you’ve got over the initial astringent, lip puckering sensation it will become a keeper, a cocktail with real depth and flavor. Obviously, Portland’s bars are going to play around with the classic combination of Campari, gin and sweet vermouth—Andina is ditching the gin in favor of pisco (a Peruvian version of brandy), Xico is using mezcal in their Fuego Amargo, while the Negrüni from Gruner is made from an intriguing blend of Alpine liqueur and Doug fir tincture (they've bypassed the Campari completely).

There are over 50 Portland bars and restaurants involved this year—there’s a full list here, including the charities they are sponsoring. Negroni Week, June 1-7,