Undo Send: Best thing to ever happen to Gmail?
  • Undo Send: Best thing to ever happen to Gmail?

In our world of instant electronic communication, the lovelorn, angry, and otherwise disgruntled among us have plenty of opportunities to send regrettable messages to exes, bosses, and anyone else who's ruffled some feathers. How many times have you fired off an email, only to wish as you hit send that maybe you'd refrained? Well, yes, now there's an app that lets you make it all better.

Google announced in a Monday blog that 'Undo Send' is officially a setting on Gmail for the web! Not only that, but they're allowing you to set your own cancellation period of up to 30 seconds after sending the message. So think fast, be decisive, and don't drink and text.

To turn it on, go to your Settings options, and scroll down the page when looking at the General tab. You'll see the option. Mine's absolutely enabled.