Surprising no one, comedian Hannibal Buress killed it at his late show last night at the Aladdin Theater—however, it's also not surprising there's always one drunk butthole in the audience who wants to ruin the experience for everyone. On the upside, this particular drunk butthole got her comeuppance. Here's what happened according to this great story from Reddit user, CriminalIngenue:

I was in the fourth row and for some reason the drunkest people wanted to be closest to the stage.

Most of them are chill except for this really pretty girl (just turned 23 but I'm going to say she's not being a grown ass woman, so "girl").

She's really really pretty and extremely obnoxious. The show hasn't even started and she's crawling over chairs to hang out wih the row behind her. There's repeated warnings from the staff to put her phone away but she won't stop with the texting and selfies!

The show finally starts with the opener Al Jackson. He's got a good feel for the crowd and his jokes are great but she won't stop waving her hands and shouting for his attention.

A few minutes into that (thank god for comedians like him), Al basically pauses the show to tell her that she's making a fool of herself.

Now she's giving him attitude and the crowd is on Al's side.

Al finally turns to her date and tells him that at this point, how this whole situation is handled reflects more on her date than her.

The crowd is booing and shouting for the staff to remove Miss Pretty Obnoxious and she's fixing to storm out.

As she grabs her bag and struts away with the biggest attitude her date announces that he would rather stay for Hannibal than leave with her sorry ass.

Her date goes from weak scum to hero. The audience around him is standing and applauding.

The show proceeds smoothly from there.

Her date gets his chops busted a bit. He's even told to pull out his phone and check for the inevitable storm of angry texts...

...nothing but radio silence though.

How weird

Then, in the middle of his stand up, Hannibal is handed a note!

Apparently the girl was arrested for throwing dirt at the theater staff

That news leads to some amazing improv from Hannibal and a wry "That's why she didn't text you man..."

And thusly? Justice is served. (Please be thoughtful of those who paid good money to see great talent, such as Hannibal Buress.)

By the way, if you're a comedy lover, there's still tickets available for the W. Kamau Bell late show tonight!