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Eat and Drink Guide Fall 2017

Interview with the Foodie

Digesting Feast

Soul Food, Redefined

The Cocktail Explorer’s Club

Brunch Outside the Box

A Beginner’s Guide to Portland Beer

Listen to your body. As the chill of fall and winter seep into your bones, your body is telling you it needs more sustenance to provide warmth for the coming months. But does that mean you have to eat garbage? Of course not. And luckily for you, Portland is a city that abounds with delicious, world-class food just waiting to be crammed into your waiting belly.

In this edition of the Portland Mercury’s Eat & Drink Guide, we’ll take you on a tour of delectable eatables (and drinkables!) that will make the coming season especially bearable. We’ll recap Portland’s greatest summertime food festival, Feast, with an eye on where you should be eating this fall. If you’re a vegan yearning for comfort food, don’t miss our article on rising local star Salimatu Amabebe, who cooks Nigerian meals focusing on health and satisfaction. Lots of people wonder where our exploding local food scene is going next—which is why we interviewed beloved restaurant expert, Gary the Foodie, who warns us of possible troubles down the road. Need Thai? Of course you do, which is why we’re rounding up the best Thai places for your next binge.

But that’s not even close to being all, because we’ve got brunch ideas for those looking to dine “outside the box,” reviews of the hottest new restaurants of the year, and for you drinkers, we have plenty of suggestions for wine, cocktails, and beer—just in time for your holiday parties!

So snuggle up with this edition of the Mercury’s Eat & Drink Guide, and you’ll be well prepared for the coming season of dining.