Someone should ask volm about why her boyfriend hijacked the recall sam website to campaign for her, does she think that is appropriate, did she ask him to?
"I both agree that we're both working for the benefit of Portland, I don't see a problem working"

I thought the whole point of the recall was that she doesn't believe he is working for the benefit of Portland?

And is the way she is commenting on Cornett's comments normal? I would think she would want to put her message out there as much as possible and not just react to the other candidates.
@jinx. No. She's been terrible. She came across as negative and snipey toward Cornett.
Ahh thank you, she doesn't really come across as having any real plan just a bunch of results she thinks should be easily attainable.
I think we should have a caption contest to figure out what Mary Volm is doing with her hand in that photo.
@Bronch: She's gesturing at Jeighseughn who is seated in the audience, of course. Demonstrating her plans for the night. Proposing a little vodeodo.
"By paying somebody to go out and spread your message rather than asking your Bus Project friends, it seems a little disingenuous that you're running a campaign that I'm envious of."

Yeesh. Matt, is that a paraphrase, or a direct quote? Because if it's the latter, egads. That is downright Palin-esque in its meandering, grammar-free passive aggressive sniping.
@alexjon Thank you so much for taking the alley-oop on that one. Made my Friday.
Sound like Volm thinks Cornett is the incumbent.

My cat says that Volm is yackin up a hairball.
oy vey. so little vision. Makes me want to campaign as a write-in candidate
Interesting read of Matt's comments all.

Jesse and both read from paper, I assume written by their over-priced consultants.

The mercury's endorsement of Jesse is a transparent effort to control a candidate- because Jesse just wants to be elected to anything.

Just what Pirtland needs...another narcissist. Good call Matt.
Volm's comment about the Bus Project shows her ignorance of that organization - for one thing, there is no canvassing effort currently for any campaign. that part of the Bus is in short-term hiatus, probably (based on what happened in 2008) until May. the Bus does not go out & work for "friends" and not even for all candidates the Board, staff & volunteers may like. for example, if the Bus Board were to determine that Saltzman and/or Volm were suitable candidates, or not "bad" enough (and i'm speaking from my loose knowledge as a long-time volunteer, not as an insider), they'd not support Cornett or anyone else. you can bet, however, plenty of Bus people are doing what they can for Jesse because we know he is the best qualified for this position.

and Volm's comment about "retalation" was absolutely shameful. what a terribly abusive way to use the death of someone's friend: to attack his political motives. it's the kind of statement that confirms this is a job she's not suited for.

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