He should have won outright. I make no apologies for that.
I met Chuck at the Multnomah Youth Commission YouthVote Candidate Forum. He, Loretta and Maria all gave amazing presentations and I really appreciated them all. Chuck was the guy I knew the least about, but impressed me the most. A real stand up guy who gave real and direct responses to the questions posed. I hope you consider running for office again Chuck.
I met Chuck during "Show and Tell" in the 5th grade at Oak Hills Elementary school, in those days he was the guy we new the least about, because he had just relocated from South Carolina.
Back then, Chuck was the only kid 'standing up' at all, and he gave the most amazing presentations and summarized all our local issues into something that resembled the evening news.
Since the other kids didn't watch the news, we depended on Chucks direct responses and answers to the questions we weren't even asking yet!
We all hope Chuck will run for office again!
Chuck is a great man with a huge heart. He's not a political operative, but rather a man of the people, for the people. He has a truckload of integrity, and passion for bettering the lives of the people of our community. I hope he runs again in the future - he's got my support!
'Boy, that Rev. Chuck Currie is one hell of a nice guy'

That's probably true - as long as you enjoy leftist politics and leftist rhetoric. If you happen to be a prominent conservative - particularly a conservative Christian - Chuck will routinely mischaracterize you in his blog.

I used to enjoy reading his blog - but I could no longer stand the routine impugning and distortions with regards to believing Christians who happened to hold conservative viewpoints. The 'niceness' you mentioned went by the wayside pretty fast...

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