Maybe Dudley isn't looking at the Multnomah County results, which according to CNN, only 62% of are counted. If Kitzhaber keeps his 70% majority in the county, that's more than enough to make up Dudley's 17K lead.

Of course, my research stops there. I don't know which of the blue counties are still out. And which have had their election counts stopped by having to go out to do battle with revenoors...
Sorry Dudley - most counties are done counting and you have a lead but Multnomah county isn't close to being done yet. Kitzhaber will win by less than 20,000.

Let the rest of the state continue to bitch about the great state of Portland while living off of our tax base.
Dudley can just declare himself governor and rule from a fortress in Fort'll be like a tiny Mordor!
According to the Sec. of State website at 6am today, Mr. Free Throw Miss is still up 20,000 votes.
According to the SOS website...

John Kitzhaber - 614,818
Chris Dudley - 633,253

Last night, when Dudley made his comments, if your intern had even left his little press booth and talked to any of Dudley's people, would have known that Dudley's folks had been on the line with the SOS's office continuously throughout the night and only declared that things were looking good because he actually knew it. He only said that AFTER about 80-90% of the vote had been counted.

Stay classy (and informed) Merc.
What Jack Acid and WovenHands don't seem to understand is the the SOS website numbers show that almost all counties have counted almost all of their ballots. The biggest exceptions are Jackson, Lane, Washington and Multnomah. The Jackson, Lane and Washington votes are pretty much spilt between the two candidates. Multnomah is the largest of the big four remaining and is trending Kitzhaber in a big way. Very likely late voters will trend Kitzhaber more than earlier voters - late votes are still being processed and counted.

Of the ballots remaining to count statewide, Kitzhaber will probably be up 30,000 thus eliminating Dudley's lead and winning by less than 20,000 votes.

Obviously, if Dudley really thinks he can still win he is even less experienced and informed than I thought.
Right now Dudley's at the free throw line having to make three in a row to win the game. Oh, and his insulin is missing.
Dudley's acceptance speech was disturbing. It was really unprofessional. He couldn't even appropriately thank his supporters. It was totes condescending. He seemed totally unprepared, the comments un-thought-out. Contrast that with Cornilles.

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