Sullivan reacts to Gingrich telling a gay Iowan to vote for Obama:

[This] qualifies as a Kinsley gaffe, in as much as the GOP does not merely have no outreach to gays, but actively promotes candidates who seek our disappearance from the face of the earth through "reparative therapy," whose supporters boo openly gay servicemembers in public, who wish to amend the federal Constitution to deny us core civil rights, who find a defense of gay people from violence and persecution abroad to be against "American values", and who back [all] hate crime laws but those that protect gays from violence.

The GOP could be a party that wants everyone to agree to its principles. Instead, it is a party defined in part by its contempt for and fear of a whole group of people merely because they have the same sexual orientation as Newt Gingrich's step-sister, Dick Cheney's daughter and Karl Rove's dad.